Introducing an amazing new product, Reflectra! Available as both a plotter-cut (Plotfoil) and an embroidery appliqué (Stitchfoil) heat transfer material in 23 different patterns and 17 solid colors, including neon and a frosty clear (Sensation Translucent). No matter how dark the color is in natural light, the entire design lights up bright white when hit with the flash of a camera, flashlight, or headlights.

Material Sheet from Manufacturer

Customers often ask us what's the best way to use Reflectra and what exactly can be achieved using Reflectra products. To show you the various possibilities and combinations that Reflectra offers, please watch the video below for application examples. Be sure to watch the related videos as well to see how amazing this product truly is.

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Product Colors


Above colors are representations of vinyl color and should not be used as a color reference.