Electric Dryers

» The sleek low profile design and side mount control panel includes an analog variable belt speed controller, thermostatically controlled oven temperature, digital heat controller, and a variable air speed controller to adjust air flow volume within the oven chamber.

» The interior walls of the oven are fabricated from corrosion resistant galvanized steel to resist attack from moisture, volatiles, and corrosives released from substrates and inks.

» Newly designed with the bottom mounted exhaust system and front mounted control box allows the top of the dryer to be removed for easy access to the heater panels and for interior oven cleaning.

» The top and sidewalls are insulated with 2" thick high temp ceramic insulation for optimum energy efficiency. Enjoy savings on your electric bill with a HIX NPII dryer and higher production drying speeds.

» Variable speed air recirculation allows for up to 97% recycled air.

» The precise control system of analog belt speed and digital temperature controls give you the ability to choose the correct combinations for differing products.

» The heavy-duty belt drive has a variable speed motor with positive chain drive. This system also has permanently lubricated ball bearings at all rotation points for smooth, trouble-free service.

  Many of the same features as the NPII dryer models, but with analog controls. Call for details.

HIX EA/E dryers are great for smaller screen printing shops or for those who are looking for an economy priced dryer. The dryers are built with the same HIX standard for quality and reliability and provides all of the basic needs to cure plastisol inks.

» High performance, long lasting infra-red heat panels built by HIX
» Circulating single speed air system (except for E-2408 & E-1806)
» Belt speed and heat controls
» Fiberglass belt
» Not recommended for high moisture/water-based inks.

Gas Dryers

The HIX Gas Textile Dryer provides excellent cure control for plastisol, direct to garment ink jet, solvent and water-based inks. Simply put, HIX gas dryers are the most efficient gas conveyor dryers on the market.

HIX HG/BG series Gas Dryers have been designed to meet the production and energy saving goals of any modern screenprinting operation. The efficient BTU burner, which works with the fresh air combustion blower, re-circulates most of the heated oven air to keep operation expenses low. HIX gas dryers are capable of handling the belt coverage and speed required to run with automated presses. Available in belt widths of 36", 48", 60", and 72".

HG 3612

» 36" wide by 12' long conveyor area
» Energy efficient 85,000 BTU burner
» Single speed re-circulating air system
» Fresh air combustion blower lowers NOx and CO emission output
» Analog belt speed control and digital temperature control
» High resolution gas modulating valve allows temperature to stay within +/- 5 degrees of set point.
» Easy access to filters for cleaning; removable top panels make it convenient for maintaining
» 6' long oven chamber with 1' fume hoods on each end
» Power: 220 Volt, 5 Amps, single phase. Gas: 4.5"-10" water column pressure input (natural gas).
» Re-circulating Air Flow: 1/2 HP; 1,000 CFM. Exhaust: 10" duct, 450 CFM.
» Natural gas or propane models available.

BG Series
» Dual recirculation blowers
» Perfect for use with automatic printers
» Energy efficient 300,000 BTU burner
» Single speed re-circulating air system (80-85%)
» Fresh air combustion blower lowers NOx and CO emission output
» Analog belt speed control and digital temperature control
» High resolution gas modulating valve allows temperature to stay within +/- 5 degrees of set point
» Mnaual reset high temperature limit switch, combustion air proving switch, exhaust air proving switch, and flame safeguard control
» Easy access filters for cleaning; removable top panels make it convenient for maintaining
» Natural gas or propane models available
» Built to UL-795 standard for commercial gas fired ovens

Flash Cure Units

HIX Flash/Spot Cure models are designed for your needs; available in 3 models.

Utilizing a rugged infra-red heating element, adjustable height and easy positioning wheels. Our SH and ASH models have an energy saving heat sink that saves 70% of your heat when in idle, saving you big electricity bills.

Premier Air/Autocycle Spot Heater ASH-1818 (18"x18")
All the best features in our top of the line air spot heater.

» New thermocouple design temperature control
» Manual foot control
» Auto/cycle swing-away heat head for fast, hands-free flash
» Fan assist air circulation, through the heat head for fastest flash or delicate substrates such as nylon.
» Heat "Sink" in ready position saves money and 70% of heat
» Full range temperature control for all your substrates
» Digital LED display, dwell timer
» Wheels for easy positioning 

Manual Spot Heater MSH-1818E (18"x18")
  Manual flash cure unit is the best low cost solution for flash curing.

» Simple/easy to use
» Low cost
» Adjustable height
Autocycle Spot Heater SH-1818 (18"x18")
» Same great features as our ASH models without the fan air assist
» High performance, long-lasting heater element
» Insulated safeguard housing

Specialty Drying Units

The NPII-3616 and NPII-3619 ovens are perfect for curing direct to garment inks and ideal for drying water-based textile inks, as well as traditional plastisol and solvent-based evaporative inks.

» Infrared and forced air drying
» 1 horsepower blower motor
» Side mount controls
» Variable belt speed
» Variable air speed
» Easy access to heater panels
» Double-wall insulation on top and sidewalls

HIX is proud to introduce its Verticure ovens, designed specifically for curing Direct to Garment solvent or water-based ink jet inks.

» Cures both water-based and solvent-based direct to garment ink jet inks
» Developed specifically for direct to garment curing applications
» Perfect for shops with space restrictions; fits in a 4'x4' footprint
» Cures both light and dark colored garments in just minutes
» Separate timer for each drying drawer in either 1, 2, or 4 drawer design
» Forced hot air at each drawer level
» 208v-240v, 55 amps, 3" type B exhaust duct, digital heat control, variable air speed control
» Fiber mesh bottom in each drawer
» Auto-opening drawer (2 drawer only)

SubliPro Ovens
Standard & custom mug ovens

2414 Mug Oven:
» 24" wide by 14' long mug oven system that can typically process 120-180 mugs/hour
» Mugs come off the oven through our cooler, which allows for easy handling/packaging right off the production line
» No messy water quenching

3626 Mug Oven:
» 36" wide by 26' long mug oven system that can typically produce 300-500 mugs/hour
» Larger, longer, and wider belt allows for more wraps and higher production capabilities

Custom Mug Ovens:
» Custom oven systems with capacities to handle your production needs are also available.

SD-2632 Screen Dryer Cabinet

» Innovative angle rack system, with self-leveling configuration eliminates movable parts
» Filtered air prevents pin holes
» Slotted air knives provide even heated air to every frame
» 8 fully adjustable frame rails for screens up to 26"x32"
» 1600 watts/5400 BTU, 14 amps/120 volts; designed for fast drying
» Air circulation system removes moist air displacement at rate of 200 cfm
» Separate fan & heat switch
» Galvanized interior resists corrosion
» 120V, also available in 220V
» 36"x38" counter top perfect for screen stretching surface or table top exposure unit