Screen Printers

New Premier Bench Printer

Totally modular and expandable to a floor rotary printer, with all the same features:

» Aluminum cast components
» Micro registration
» Sequential lift
» These printers can be placed on a bench top, table or mobile cart system and have a totally tool-free design with on/off contact and inclination adjustments built right into the press.
» HIX Premier bench printers also feature 12" screen back clamps, 15" x 15" removable wood shirt board, squeegee rest and gas lifts.
» Add a HIX vacuum platen; perfect for printing decals, license plates, transfers and more.


New Premier Rotary Printer

The BEST printer in the industry just got better!

» The true "all-heads-down" feature allows printing any color at any/multiple stations simultaneously
Standard X, Y, Z micro registration
» Standard with 15" x 15" wood boards and back screen clamp
» Expandable from 1 to 6 colors and 1 to 6 stations
» Optional side clamps or larger "Bigfoot" side clamps for extra large frames
» The HIX NP Premier Printer is the fastest manual screen printer in the world, the result of 48 years of engineering excellence.
» Screens are leveled and ready to print in seconds.
» Full range of interchangeable platens: from jacket hold-downs, sleeve boards, youth, as well as, custom aluminum boards are available.
» Faster and easier cleanup with aluminum print heads and zinc plated finishes.
» Custom, large format and 8 color presses available.
» Gas lifts, NO SPRINGS!
» Rotary stop alignment
» Totally tool-less, on/off contact and inclination adjustments
» Tapered Roller bearings
» Air assist screen lift system available


Little Pro Combo Printer/Conveyor Oven
This combination printer/conveyor oven provides the perfect solution for shops tight on floor space. The neatly placed, 4 color 1 station printer sets on top of the compact HIX E-2255, a 120V, 22" wide by 5.5' long conveyor oven.

The printer offers the same features as the time tested Premier printers, such as, micro-registration, gas lifts and rotary stop alignment. The printer is totally expandable.