Screen Printing Accessories

Air Assist Screen Lift

Air Assist Screen Lifting mechanism is especially useful with heavy or over-sized screens. It greatly reduces operator fatigue while it increases production. Air pressure needed to lift various size screens is fully adjustable.
Jacket Attachment

The jacket attachment holds jackets tight for precise multi-color print registration. Doubles jacket printing production! And, adjusts for different jacket thicknesses in less than a minute. Print area dimensions are 7.5"x7.5", 10"x10", 14"x14" and 16"x16".
Aluminum Shirtboards

Aluminum shirtboards offer years of use and are perfect for flash cure. Available sizes include 10"x14", 14"x14", 16"x17", 16"x20", 18"x22" and custom sizes. Shirtboards can be ordered with or without neck placement guides.
Vacuum Platen

The Vacuum Platen attachment for NP Printer makes transfer printing production easier, faster, more quiet and accurate than ever. A completely redesigned accessory for the NP printer, allows printing on flat substrates (transfers, decals, bumper stickers, license plates and more). Outside platen dimensions are 15 3/8"x22" with print area dimensions of 13"x17".
Custom Designed Aluminum Shirtboard
  » Custom
» Oversize
» Youth
» Sleeve/Leg Boards - 4"x14" and 4"x18"

Cap Attachment


Oversized Shirtboard


HIX 16" X 17" Wood Shirtboard is perfect for over-sized prints on XL and XXL shirt sizes. The shirt board has a melamine white surface and shirtboard bracket attached to the backside for easy mounting to the HIX NP Printer.

Side Clamps


Regular side clamps grab and hold your frames, keeping them in tight registration.
Bigfoot Side Clamps for those jumbo prints such as beach towels, aprons and all over prints using extra large frames.
HIX Portable Washout Booth

A washout booth is an essential part to any clean-room. Our 32" and 36" washout booths are made of durable, chemically resistant 1/4-inch natural poly and features built-in screen supports and a perforated drain. Both size washout booths can hold a standard 23"x31" frame. The 36" washout booth's larger size provides an extra four inches in width and five inches in height. Best of all, the 32" and 36" washout booths employ the same innovative multipart system that allows them both to be disassembled and shipped via UPS ground in one box.

32" Booth: 32"W x 24"L x 64"H
36" Booth: 36"W x 24"L x 69"H

» Welded main pan
» Locking side and back panels
» Built-in screen supports
» 1/4-inch natural polypro constructions
» Easy to backlight
» Easy to assemble
» Bolt on legs
» Ships regular UPS Ground