Translucent and Backlit Signage

Backlit signage helps create high visibility, eye-catching graphics that really stand out in day or night applications. These backlit films are for internally-illuminated sign faces, or for thermoforming with rigid plastic surfaces under well-controlled conditions.

Ideal uses include gas station canopies, awnings, blinds, light boxes, shop fascias and other internally illuminated signage or creative and colorful window graphics.

These materials are enhanced for use with Eco-Solvent, Solvent and UV-Based inkjet printers.

Mojave SPMBL   Mojave SPMTUR
7.5 Mil Polyester Backlit Film
Semi-Matte Front Print Backlit Film
Up to 6 months Outdoor with overlaminate • Up to 5 years Indoor

This substrate is a high-quality non-adhesive backed film, ideal for both photographic and high quality signage applications such as light boxes, bus stops, vending machines, window & glass displays, trade shows P.O.P. displays and posters. Ideally suited for mild solvent and solvent inks.

4.0 Mil White Semi-Gloss Translucent Calendered Vinyl
7-year Indoor • 5-year Outdoor

Excellent for backlit and internally-illuminated signage applications with a removable acrylic adhesive on a 90# release liner.  Ideally suited for mild solvent and solvent inks.